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How to build a home extension  without Planning Permission using your PD rights - Oct. 1st 2008



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What is a garden room that requires no formal Planning Consent?

Subject to certain requirements of the site itself, the dimensions and siting of the detached garden room, you can probably build it with out the requirement for formal Planning Consent.

Most garden rooms can be built under what is called Class E of the Permitted Development Rights - It is the Planning Consent that you already have - you just simply need to install a building that fits in with the dimensional constraints of the PD requirements.

The PD rules for detached garden buildings are fairly clear (click here) but they can be complicated to interpret. It is often wise to consult a garden room building supplier or specialist if you do not have your own planning design agent to seek such advice from.

Most garden room building manufacturers or suppliers understand the PD rules pretty well and most homeowners seem to purchase their buildings from this type of source rather than engaging on a bespoke building with their independent designer. The one stop shop is often preferable if only for budgeting and controlling costs.

Many detached garden room building suppliers also take advantage of additional cost savings by having the structure less than 30 square metres in floor area which exempts the garden room from the Building Regulations (subject to conditions). This means that greater design flexibility can be incorporated within the design where the onerous standards of the Building Control Dept. do not need to be met.

Provided the design of the structure and its foundations or support is of adequate materials and robustness of design for a minimum of a 10 year life then one could argue that there is scope for a range of garden rooms to suit every pocket and budget from the very economic to the expensive bespoke and high spec.

However, every homeowner is advised to obtain a Certificate of Lawful Development for their garden room building to safeguard your investment. This is a legal document issued by the Council confirming that your Class E PD structure does not require formal Planning Consent. Proper drawings and an application fee will be required but this is a small price to pay for safeguarding your expensive lifestyle purchase and for easy resale of your property later on with the correct confirming paperwork. Most garden room suppliers will provide this service free of charge if asked.

For a diagram of the restrictions affecting detached garden rooms click here. 


 Detached garden rooms under PD