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Appeal Decision 82 - Certificate of Lawful Development.

This appeal decision summary and assessment has been produced by Planning Jungle Limited.  For more information, please go to

January 2010 - Code a00082


Summary of Case (mixed decisions): 


The application, which was made after 01/10/2008 (on 12/02/2009) was for an existing conservatory and green house, which were built in 2007. 


The Inspector stated the following: 


“Although the application for the LDC was made after the coming into effect of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment) (No. 2) (England) Order 2008 on 1 October 2008, the permitted development rights against which the development must be considered are derived from the GPDO in force at the date of start of works, R J Williams Le Roi v SSE & Salisbury DC [1993] JPL 1033. So the Council were right to apply the 1995 Order to the application.” 


The Inspector then assessed the works against the previous version of Part 1. 


Main Conclusions: 


·       Where an application is received (on or after 01/10/2008) for existing works that were begun prior to 01/10/2008, then these existing works should be assessed against the previous Part 1 of the GPDO.
[Relevant to: “Applications received on or after 01/10/2008 for works that were begun prior to 01/10/2008”].


Links to the “Appeal Decision Notice” and other associated documents (e.g. drawings, etc): 


·       Appeal Decision Notice: 






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